ROMCOM. Bachelor party

Genre: comedy

Director: Erol Ozlevi

Producers: Murat Tokat

Screenplay by: Aslı Zengin, Ceren Aslan

Cinematography by: James Gucciardo

Cast: Sinem Kobal, Engin Altan Duzyatan, Sedef Avcı, Cemal Hunal, Burcu Kara, Gurgen Oz

Country: Turkey

Tagline: Trust but verify!


This is a practical guide for those ladies who, in search of ideal relationships, are resolved to the most courageous and brave, sometimes even insane, acts. This guidebook for those men who do not want to get lost in the back streets of the mysterious woman's soul in search of an answer to the eternal question: "What do women want?" True male friendship and female solidarity, jealousy and passion, desire and tenderness. And, of course, love in all its funniest manifestations!



Behind the scenes